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Trustworthy AI – from national initiatives to European perspectives

AI technology connects increasing amounts of data and becomes more and more interconnected with other digital systems. To unlock its economic potential and use it to the benefit of our society however, people need to trust AI-based systems and applications. Trust in this context comprises different perspectives, like compliance to data protection rules and policies as well as ethical values and standards, or that an AI system reliably behaves correctly even in highly complex or rare situations. Accordingly, this track will present different activities and projects on the national and European level which deal with this fundamental aspect of trust in AI, and discuss some promising approaches to achieve it, ranging from standardization and certification to research topics like explainability and integrity by design.

  • Ray Walsh - Data, Frameworks and Standards: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Fredrik Heintz - ICT-48 TAILOR Network on "Trustworthy AI” and CLAIRE
  • Philipp Slusallek - Trusted AI as national initiative in cooperation with France and European perspective

Phillipp Slusallek
DFKI/Plattform Lernende Systeme

speakers 200px_RAY WALSH

Prof. Ray Walsh
Dublin City


Freek Bomhof